Zantigo Cheese Chilito Recipe: 12 Amazing Health Benefits

Zantigo Cheese Chilito Recipe! A chilito is a fried and stuffed Mexican street food made from a corn tortilla wrapped around cheese and other fillings, such as chorizo, potatoes, ground beef picadillo, or diced onion.

The Zantigo version features pepper jack cheese and zesty seasonings like cumin and chili peppers for an extra kick.

The chilito is a chain-like dish found in many Mexican restaurants and various parts.

How To Make Zantigo Cheese Chilito Recipe?

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Makes: 8 servings


  • 1 10 ounces block of pepper jack cheese, grated
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided
  • 2 tablespoons garlic, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin (optional)
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (optional)


Step 1: In a mixing bowl, mix the cheese, 3 tablespoons of oil, garlic, cumin, and salt.

Step 2: Heat the remaining oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. With wet hands or wet paper towels, form each chilito into an oval using a 1/2-inch (1.25-cm) layer of the filling. Press firmly on the bottom of the chilito to seal.

zantigo cheese chilito recipe
zantigo cheese chilito recipe

Step 3: Cook each chilito on both sides until golden brown.

Step 4: Remove from heat, and carefully remove the chilitos with a spatula. Serve hot with salsa and guacamole.


This recipe is best prepared fresh.

Variations: This recipe can be used with many different variations. For example, you can use shredded chicken instead of cheese or mix the chicken with the cheese. You can also add diced onions to the filling or seasonings like cumin and chili peppers.

Additional Tips

Make sure the pan is very hot before frying to cook evenly and seal well. You should hear the sizzling sound as you place it in the pan, as this means it’s ready to be fried.

Trim cheese if preferred to have a more uniformly shaped chilito.

Fry the chilitos on both sides until golden brown. Serve hot with salsa and guacamole.

Nutrition Fact Of Zantigo Cheese Chilito Recipe

Fat14 g
Saturated Fat6 g
Sodium356 mg
Carbohydrates28 g
Dietary Fiber1 g
Sugars2 g
Protein13 g

12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Zantigo Cheese Chilito Recipe

1. It contains nearly zero saturated fat and maximum protein, which is why people love to have this.

2. It helps reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood, reducing the risk of heart diseases.

3. It is high in calcium which is vital for your bones and teeth and thus, prevents osteoporosis.

4. It speeds up your metabolism and regulates your appetite by boosting metabolism so that you can maintain a healthy weight.

5. It lowers your risk of Type 2 Diabetes and builds a strong heart by reducing triglyceride levels.

6. It is low in carbohydrates and helpful in weight loss as it contains minimal calories.

7. It helps in increased bone strength which helps you keep fit.

8. It makes the corn tortilla healthy and rich in dietary fiber, which is helpful in weight loss.

9. It contains calcium essential for your strong teeth and bones.

10. It boosts your metabolism and regulates blood sugar, and thus, prevents diabetes.

12. It contains a lower amount of carbohydrates, which can help weight loss.

13. It is low in calories and free from any overweight.

Are There Any Side Effects Of the Zantigo Cheese Chilito Recipe?

No, not unless you consume a large quantity. Otherwise, the fat is mainly saturated fats which are good for your body.

Is There Any Diet Plan For the Zantigo Cheese Chilito Recipe?

Not unless you eat too much of it.

Why Do People Love To Make This Recipe?

Its crunchy texture and its cheesy taste make it a favorite for many. It can be prepared with leftover ingredients like chicken, eggs, or even tortillas.

Is It Suitable For Any Special Occasion Or Holiday?

Yes, it is. It can be served as a regular snack and a side dish to your main course.

Is It Healthy For Pregnant Women?

It is safe for pregnant women as it does not contain trans fatty acids.

How Can You Improve This Recipe?

It can be prepared at home by heating oil in a pan instead of buying from the store.

Do You Have Any Additional Tips For Making The Zantigo Cheese Chilito Recipe?

You should first test batters and sauces to ensure desired consistency before pouring them over the tortillas.

Final Thoughts

This is a delicious variation of the hot chilito. It is easy to make and can be prepared with leftovers for a quick weekday meal. The Zantigo cheese served in this recipe is a delicious combination of flavors.

 Although it can be easily made at home, it can also be found in many Mexican restaurants. It would help if you had enough corn tortillas at home to make this delicious dish. Enjoy your Zantigo cheese chilito recipe!

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