Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe: 7 Healthy Nutrition

Here’s a traditional Southern Belle Tea Recipe that you’ll love. This is a recipe designed with an old-fashioned tea ceremony in mind.

Some things in this recipe are easily replaceable, so don’t be afraid to improvise with what you have on hand!

Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe
Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe

This is truly a Southern Belle tea recipe, so if you can’t find the ingredients at your local grocer, you may have to order them online, especially the clotted cream. Enjoy!

How To make Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe?


  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1/2 teaspoon loose black tea bags
  • Milk or cream, sweetened with 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice or 2 teaspoons lemon zest


Sugar-free whipped cream (the kind with the canola oil frosting) Do not refrigerate until ready to serve. 

Making Southern Belle Tea Recipe:

This is a special type of tea made from black tea bags. Remove the leaves from the bags before serving. Foraged flowers and herbs are also sometimes used in place of black tea bags.

Step 1. Place the water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Remove from heat and steep for 3 minutes, then remove the bags and discard, allowing the tea to cool.

Step 2. Place the tea in a pitcher or mason jar with 1/4 cup water and allow it to steep for 2 minutes before straining out the bags in a fine mesh strainer.

Step 3. Add milk and sugar. Squeeze the lemon juice into the tea and stir to dissolve the sugar.

Step 4. Pour into mugs with a tablespoon of whipped cream floating on each serving.

Nutritional Fact:

Fat12 g
Cholesterol0 g
Carbohydrate5 g
Fiber1 g
Portion0 g

The 7 Healthy Nutrition Of Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe

The recipe of Southern Belle Loaded Tea Recipe is high in caffeine, low in fat and cholesterol, amazingly delicious, and very healthy.

1. Caffeine:

Of course, coffee cannot be missing in the recipes of tea. Besides, caffeine can also be a great booster to drive your body awake.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure:

As a beverage, a cup of tea can be the perfect cure to lower your blood pressure and have less tension in your body.

3. Very Antioxidant:

In addition to having fresh antioxidants from the black tea, people who have caffeine habits also have an antioxidant that is good for the brain and body systems. Therefore, you will feel healthier well and be able to think clearly.

4. High in Healthy Fats:

Even though the recipe of a Southern Belle Tea is not recommended to be the one for people who only have weight loss in mind, it is still counted as very high in healthy fats, which are healthy for your body. You can have some additional fat if you prepare this tea with milk.

5. Improving Mental Health:

If you think that these health benefits are not enough, you should know that tea is a drink that improves your mental health. You will feel more energetic, not to mention that you will be more focused.

6. Disease-Fighting:

Tea is a very good drink that can help fight different diseases, not only physical ones. Because of the high number of antioxidants, tea can also help your body fight different diseases such as cancer and even heart disease.

7. Helps Prevent Osteoporosis:

It is also very good to know that tea is a very strong drink that can help prevent osteoporosis in your body. Besides, it can also increase your bones’ density so that you will feel healthier.

Who Can Eat This Delicious Recipe?

According to the nutritionist, this recipe is healthy. However, you might want to watch out for some elements that can harm your body, such as sugar. You may want to reduce the amount of it or even replace it with another sweetener that can be suitable for your body and won’t cause any bad effects on your health.

In general, if you are a black tea fan, then this recipe is perfect for you. If you still want to vary the recipe, you may consider using herbs and flowers. However, what is inside this recipe is so delicious that it doesn’t require any adjustment.

Is There Any Side Effect?

The only possible side effect that you can have after drinking this tea is the problem with your teeth. This happens because the tea contains tannin, as well as caffeine. Therefore, if you are not a big fan of tea, you can find another recipe that will be more suited to you.

How To Serve?

You can serve this delightful and very Southern Belle Loaded Tea in different ways, such as southern belle fashion even! You should serve this delicious tea to your friends, who are also Southern Belle Style ladies.

Of course, some additional ingredients will also make your tea more aromatic and delicious. You have to try them out! You can serve your tea right after preparing the recipe or even a few hours later.

The Bottom Line

This tea is a low calories recipe that can provide many benefits to your body. The fact that there are only 3 grams of fat in it is amazing, especially when comparing this to the number of calories.

It would be best to start trying this recipe today for all of the above reasons. There are few ingredients, so you should easily prepare this tea at home. You will feel very energetic after drinking it.

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