Red Robin Ranch Recipe: 10 Best Step By Step Method To Make

The red robin ranch recipe has been around for many years, and it is one of the most popular recipes to use for dipping and dressing chicken in the summertime.

There are many variations on its use, but the base recipe remains consistent. It is versatile since you can make everything from a dip to a full salad or sandwich by using different ingredients.

This recipe is easy to follow but will require a lot of chopping and mixing, so it’s best to have help from others.

What Is Red Robin Ranch Recipe?

Red robin ranch recipe is a popular American salad dish that contains proteins like chicken and blue cheese, along with vegetables such as bell peppers and romaine lettuce.

The salad dressing has a delicate flavor of lemon, cumin, thyme, oregano, and honey, making it a perfect summer side dish for an appetizer to entree. The dressing can be found in most grocery stores or ordered online from websites like Amazon.

How To Make Red Robin Ranch Recipe?

This is a recipe for Red robin ranch recipe. This may seem like a difficult recipe as you have first to make the lemon vinaigrette and then combine it with the chicken, so everything is coated in the dressing and all. Then you add the other ingredients to your salad, and it’s ready to serve.


  • Marinated salad chicken (thinly sliced),
  • Chicken salad,
  • Romaine lettuce leaves,
  • Bell colored peppers,
  • Red onions,
  • Diced tomatoes and
  • Orange slices

The red robin ranch recipe is a very simple recipe at first glance. In reality, it is a lot more complicated than you may think. There are many different variations, but they all have the same ingredients.


1. Cook your chicken to a golden brown color and then cut it into strips.

2. Mix the lemon juice, honey, and dijon mustard in a separate bowl until thoroughly combined.

3. Add in the olive oil and mix again until it becomes even lighter in color from all of the mixings.

Red Robin Ranch Recipe
Red Robin Ranch Recipe

4. Mix in the salt and pepper until well-blended.

5. Now, add the flour and milk to your original bowl and stir them into the combination you had before adding more ingredients to it.

6. The flour and milk will thicken your sauce and create a smooth, creamy dressing.

7. Then, apply the sauce onto your chicken strips to coat it with the dressing. The best way to apply is to cradle it in between your fingers and pat it onto the chicken strips trying not to get any of the mixtures on your hands because that is when you would be tasting it later on down at work (shouldn’t buy a lemonade, they are all lemons).

8. Now add the romaine lettuce leaves, orange slices, and bell peppers.

9. Garnish with blue cheese crumbles and sliced almonds.

10. Enjoy your meal!

Nutrition Facts

Red robin ranch recipe contains large amounts of calories which is not very healthy for those trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet.

For this reason, it is recommended that you keep the serving size small to avoid overeating this dish. It also contains a small amount of fat and carbohydrates.

Health Benefits Of Red Robin Ranch Recipe

It is very important to be healthy and fit to enjoy life to the fullest to live a long and healthy life. To become fit, they need to go through nutritional training, which includes eating the right type of food.

Red robin ranch recipe is an example of something that could be eaten by those trying to maintain a healthy diet. It provides your body with the right nutrients that it needs. The high levels of cholesterol it contains are essential to good health.

What Kind Of Ranch Do They Use At Red Robin?

I know they say Red Robin, and the name suggests some bird, but I never heard anything about them using a red bird to make the homemade dressing.

What Kind Of Ranch Dressing Do Restaurants Use?

Many people have wondered this, but commercial vinegar contains too much sugar and other ingredients to be considered healthy for you. Red Robin has been using lemon and garlic as the main ingredients in their ranch dressing.

From what I’ve read, most home chefs also use a combination of lemon juice and mayo as the base for their ranch dressing, so it’s good to know your options.


If you’ve never made your own ranch dressing before, then you are in for a treat. It’s an easy homemade recipe that is as delicious as healthy. This dish has been passed down through generations of families and is enjoyed by many people who value the health benefits.

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