Red Death Recipe: Always Best 8 Making Way

Red Death Recipe is a delicious-yet-deadly cocktail that features a healthy pour of vodka, a splash of grenadine, and a generous dose of Red Death.

It’s said that in the year 2310, to celebrate the Festival of the Gourd, a group came together with hopes to create a new drink for trade.

Red Death Recipe
Red Death Recipe

The competition was fierce, but the winning formula beat out all others by being exotic yet straightforward both in color and taste.

What Is Red Death Recipe?

So yes, this is just a vodka-and-grenadine mixture. Grenadine is pomegranate syrup, water, and vodka. Well, you know what it is.

The Red Death in the name comes from a fictional concept that Bioware folks came up with for their game Star Wars the Old Republic. Though, it’s just red food coloring.

How To Make Red Death Recipe?


  • 2 oz. vodka (optional)
  • 3-4 dashes grenadine (your choice of flavor)


Step 1. Combine Sugar and Water in a small bowl.

Step 2. Heat with a pot or stove until the sugar is completely dissolved. (about 5 – 8 minutes)

Step 3. Cool for about 20 minutes and add to bottle or jar. Make sure you shook well before pouring into the cocktail glass.

Step 4. Combine Vodka and Grenadine in a shot glass, then shake until mixed thoroughly with grenadine, then pour into a cocktail glass over ice cubes (if desired).

Step 5. Drink and celebrate the Festival of the Gourd!

NOTE: Always drink responsibly and in moderation. Never drink and drive. This is not a natural beverage. You cannot get drunk from this.

Why do I like Red Death Recipe?

It’s straightforward, but it’s got enough exotic spice to make it unique without being too much. I’m particularly fond of this one because I have a bit of an obsession with blood and vodka in most forms. So this one hits all my sweet spots.

If you don’t want to use vodka and grenadine, you could easily swap out the vodka for another liquor and use a different syrup. I’d recommend Jack Daniels, though.

Always Best 8 Making Way Red Death Recipe

Every gourd has its place, and the Gourd Festival is no exception. Here are some of my favorite gourds for their unique spot during this celebration.

1. Dragon’s Eye Gourd

This particular gourd has sweet yet fibrous flesh that goes great in soup or stew. When mashed into a paste with some sugar, it also does well to become a spread or jam.

2. Fluted Yellow Gourd

This gourd is great when baked into a delicious casserole or made into sour dumplings. It’s also great boiled, stuffed, and baked as a side dish with ham or some other protein, or even as a replacement for pasta in your favorite Bolognese dish.

3. Gourd, Musk Melon

This gourd has sweet, crunchy flesh that goes great in smoothies, juices, or teas. It’s also popular in the world of winemaking and can be fermented into some excellent vintages.

4. Gourd, Winged Cucumber

This is one of my personal favorites as it does an excellent job at acting as a replacement for noodles or spaghetti in some dishes. It can also be boiled and served with meat and other side dishes.

5. Gourd, Calabaza

This gourd is excellent for baking as a stuffed side dish or a replacement for potatoes or rice. It’s also tasty when mashed up into a great soup base or curry mix.

6. Gourd, Poet’s Lament

This gourd is interesting because it can be dried and used as a decoration, carved into something beautiful. It can also be stewed with meat and other vegetables in a delicious stew that tastes great over rice or noodles.

7. Gourd, Scarlet Banana

This is one of the tastiest gourds around when baked inside of a pie or casserole dish. In many words, it’s also quite good as a replacement for pasta as a noodle base.

8. Gourd, Sweet Meat

This is a favorite in stew and curry recipes. It has a sweet yet fibrous pulp that goes great with meat and other hearty foods.

Bottom Line

Enjoy the Festival of the Gourd with your favorite gourds, as they’re all unique and delicious in their way. Make sure you eat food made from these gourds as they taste so much better than store-bought versions with flavors added to them. I hope you enjoy and remember. There is always a festival to celebrate.

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