Best 7 Nutrition Of Rattlesnake Shot Recipe

We’ll be using Rattlesnake Shot Recipe to make a simple shot recipe in this post. First, you need to find some writhing copperheads.

Rattlesnake Shot Recipe
Rattlesnake Shot Recipe

After you capture them, the snakes are stripped of their venomous fangs, and their heads are removed before their bodies (minus the tail) are cooked in hot water for about 45 minutes.

They’re then turned into a soup so that the bones break down enough to create gelatin and set up a gelatinous substance we can use as our base for this shot recipe.

How to make Rattlesnake Shot Recipe


1/2 a can or 4 oz. of rattlesnake broth

1/2 oz. of Goldschlager (or other cinnamon-flavored liqueur)


1. Fill your cup halfway with the rattlesnake soup, and then pour 1/2 of your shot glass with the liqueur to create the snakehead.

2. Swoosh the head around with a lighter before downing the shot.

3. Enjoy!

Nutrition facts of Rattlesnake Shot Recipe

Carbo count0g

Price In Rattlesnake Shot Recipe

Price In Shot Price In Bottled Price in USD 0.40 $0.40 $1.00

History of Rattlesnake Shot Recipe

Rattlesnake Shot Recipe is believed to have been invented in the mid-19th century, but traces of its origin can’t be traced very far.

The earliest record of its actual origin dates back to 1866 when Mark Twain mentioned it in a book.

More significantly, the recipe has remained pretty much unchanged ever since then and is still popular today among those who love to drink shots out of rattlesnake soup.

Benefits of Rattlesnake Shot Recipe

Several benefits come with this rattlesnake shot recipe, including:

At only 50 calories per shot, the shot can be a great alternative for those who want to relax and have a drink without worrying about their weight gain.

A single serving contains no sodium whatsoever, which is good for those on diets (or those who tend to eat too much!).

The alcohol content of the shot is a bit low (only 1.

Best 7 Nutrition of Rattlesnake Shot Recipe

1. This shot is good for those on a diet, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

2. The low alcohol content is great for people who want to drink but are worried about overdoing the alcohol too much.

3. Unlike most of the other shot recipes that we’ve covered, this shot recipe doesn’t contain any calories at all!

4. This shot recipe contains no sodium whatsoever, which means everyone can enjoy it without worrying about raising the sodium levels in their bodies.

5. This shot recipe has no alcohol at all, so it’s perfect for those who want to enjoy a drink without having to worry about getting wasted.

6. Rattlesnake Shot Recipe is very low in sugar content, which means that it can be enjoyed by those on diets (or even people who tend to eat too much food).

7. This shot recipe has no calories or fat at all!

Can I Freeze It?

Freezing this shot recipe is possible if you freeze it right after you make it. As long as there are no other ingredients in the mixture besides the rattlesnake broth, you can even freeze the broth itself.

How Long Does It Last?

If you store this shot recipe in a fridge, it will generally last for about 5 days before going bad. On average, most people tend to drink this shot within 4 days of making it.

Is It Healthy?

First of all, it contains absolutely no calories at all, which makes it a great alternative for those who want to drink 100% healthy.

The fact that the recipe doesn’t contain any fat or sodium either means that it’s good for those who need to relax and have a drink without worrying about gaining weight too much.

How to Store?

To store this recipe, you need to ensure that it’s properly covered before putting it in the fridge. If you’re planning on keeping it for more than 5 days, then you may want to consider freezing it.

How to Get Rid of The Smell?

After making this shot, pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray all over surfaces where the scent remains to get rid of the smell in the house. Then wipe down with a cloth for good measure.

The Bottom line

Rattlesnake Shot Recipe is one of the more unique shots that you can make for parties, but it’s still very healthy because it contains absolutely no fat or calories at all.

The low alcohol content also means that it can be enjoyed by people who want to relax and drink a shot without getting drunk.

If you’re looking for something a bit different than your guests will enjoy and at the same time remain healthy, then this is a shot recipe that you should try out.

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