Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe: 7 Easy Steps To Make

A homemade Copycat Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake recipe, made from scratch and in about 5 minutes. This is a delicious cake shake for the chocolate lovers out there that’s so easy to make.

This recipe will teach you how to make it from scratch in just a few minutes, with ingredients you probably already have at home.

With this recipe, you’ll learn how to make your own copycat chocolate cake shake that tastes just like chocolate cake!

Simple ingredients, easy method, and a delicious recipe that is easy to make. This shake is made with real chocolate and tastes like the real deal. The taste of this shake is out of this world!

You won’t believe how much it tastes like the real thing. The homemade version isn’t watered down or artificial tasting.

Here are some simple steps to make this recipe:

How To Make Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe?

Preparation Time: 5 min

Total Time: 10 min

Serves: 1 large shake

Ingredients For Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe

  • 1/4 cup fat-free milk
  • cubes of Portillo’s Chocolate Cake
  • 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream (or other favorite flavors)
  • 1 tablespoon hot cocoa mix or powder (optional)


Step 1:

Add the cocoa powder to hot water, and let it dissolve. This is optional–use the hot water if it’s handy.

Step 2:

Combine 1/4 cup of fat-free milk with one scoop of ice cream, and blend with an immersion blender on high for about 30 seconds.

Step 3:

Add 1/4 cup Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Cubes, and blend on medium for about 10 seconds.

Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe
Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe

Step 4:

Add 1 tablespoon of hot cocoa mix, and blend on medium for about 5 seconds.

Step 5:

Add the remaining 1/4 cup of fat-free milk, 1 scoop of ice cream, and the rest of the chocolate cake cubes. Blend on high for about 30 seconds.

Step 6:

If you want to make the shake extra thick (or if you’re using a blender that can’t handle much thick stuff), add 1/4 cup of fat-free milk. Then blend again to mix.

Step 7:

Pour into glass and enjoy with a straw or spoon!


You can use chocolate ice cream to replace the cocoa powder/hot water as a source of chocolate. It will make the shake taste like a milkshake, but it’s that good. If you don’t like chocolate, use vanilla ice cream and hot water instead.

You can add a sugar substitute if you want this to be a sugar-free shake.

If you’re pregnant, don’t drink alcoholic shakes. Alcohol can cause congenital disabilities in developing babies.

Nutrition Facts Of Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe

Calories: 165

Fat: 2.9 g

Saturated Fat: 0.4 g

Sodium: 168 mg

Carbohydrates: 36 g

Protein: 1.8 g

Cholesterol: 6 mg

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe

1. Good source of calcium and fiber.

2. It contains no trans fat and refined sugar, so it’s a healthy treat for your health. Most shakes also contain many calories, which is not good for your figure.

3. This shake can help you lose weight as it is low in calories (about 200 per serving). It also contains protein, which is great for muscle development.

4. Contains vitamins A, B, and C (good for your eyes, skin, and immune system).

5. It’s high in potassium, and you need this mineral to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis.

6. This shake can help you prevent cancer and lower your chances of getting sick with colds or flu.

7. It also contains iron, which helps to prevent anemia.

How To Serve Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe?

1. Keep the cake cubes in the freezer if you plan to use them for shakes. You can use them straight from the freezer or thaw them by wrapping them in cheesecloth and microwaving them for a few seconds.

2. Pour into a frosty glass, over ice cubes if desired, and drink with a straw or a spoon.

3. Serve the shake immediately after preparing because it can get very messy if it’s left to sit for a while.

4. Keep the leftover shake in the refrigerator, but remember to put a lid on the shaker if you do this because it can get very messy or fizzy in there!

5. You can use 1/4 cup of fat-free milk instead of water as an optional ingredient to make your shakes extra thick and creamy.

Is It Safe For Children?

It is safe for children to drink. You can use half the amount of chocolate cake cubes recommended on the package and still have a delicious shake.

Is Amish Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe Healthy?

Yes, it is healthy. It contains low calories (about 200 per serving) and a good amount of protein for muscle development.

Cocoa powder contains antioxidants that can help to give you long-lasting energy.

Is Portillos Chocolate Cake Shake Recipe Low Calorie?

Yes, this recipe is low in calories as it only contains about 200 calories per serving. If you use half the amount of cake cubes recommended on the package, you will end up with even fewer calories (~ 175 per serving).

Final Thoughts

I love this Portillo’s chocolate cake shake recipe. It’s so delicious and so much like the real thing.

This recipe is not only fun to make on a lazy day, but you can also make it for your children, family members, or friends. If you have kids at home, now it’s the time to teach them how to cook a delicious treat for the whole family to enjoy.

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