Malaysian Fish Curry Recipe: 8 Amazing Ideas to Try

Malaysian Fish Curry Recipe Is a delightful Southeast Asian dish that can be prepared with as little as a couple of ingredients, yet it tastes just like the best fish ceviche.

Minutes to come together, this light and flavorful sauce accompany any white fish or seafood. And because you can use both fresh and dried chiles in this dish to create a wide palette of flavors and heat levels, nothing stops you from using it as a condiment on practically anything!

Malaysian Fish Curry Recipe
Malaysian Fish Curry Recipe

What Is The Malaysian Fish Curry Recipe?

Fish devices and curries are not a new concept in Southeast Asian cooking. The combination of whole and fillet fish with sour, tart, and spicy sauces offered an amazingly fresh taste that was more than welcome to the sweaty-palmed travelers of the early colonial period.

The Thai-style fish curry recipe started gaining popularity once the British added a few more exotic ingredients to their former colonial master’s cuisine, such as chili peppers, lime leaves, and white wine vinegar.

Easy Malaysian fish curry recipe?

The Malaysian fish curry recipe is easy to prepare but has spectacular results. Throughout the years, chefs have perfected this dish and made several variations of this delectable fish, each with its unique combination of flavors and textures.  So you may choose any of these classic recipes as a starting point for your next cooking adventure.

Malaysian Fish Curry Recipe


  • 1 pound fish such as snapper, yellow croaker, sea bass, or tilapia fillets
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons fish sauce
  • • 1/4 cup lime juice   (preferably fresh lime juice)
  • 3 tablespoons fish oil
  • 1-2 stalks of green onions, thinly sliced
  • 4-6 curry leaves, whole
  • 1 large serrano chile, stemmed and diced


Step 1. Remove the skin and any bones from fish fillets. Cut into small pieces.

Step 2. In a medium skillet over medium heat, warm fish oil until smoking hot. Add chiles and curry leaves to the oil and fry for 30 seconds or until most of the color is gone from both ingredients. Do not burn!

Step 3. Next, add oil and lime juice to a small bowl and combine until fish sauce and lime juice are completely dissolved. Prepare the fresh fish curry by combining it with the chile paste.

Step 4. Now, stir in coconut milk and fish sauce mixture to the spicy mix in the bowl. Keep going so that all the ingredients are incorporated into each other.

Step 5. At this point, your fish curry is ready to serve.

Step 6. Serve the Malaysian fish curry with some brown rice or plain white rice and a serving of cucumber raita.

Nutrition Fact Of Malaysian Fish Curry Recipe

Nutrition Amount
kcal Protein25 g
Carbo34.9 g
Fats23.7 g


Nutrition Amount
Vitamin A588%
RDA Vitamin B1.8% 
Vitamin B2.3% 
Vitamin C35.8%  
Vitamin D13.4%
Iron38.2% RDA
Calcium28.2% RDA
Fat12.5% Folic Acid

8 Amazing Malaysian Fish Curry Recipe Ideas You to Try

1. Malaysian fish curry recipe with spice paste

This recipe has been in my family for years and has been served at many dinner parties. It is one of the first things I ever learned to cook. Every time we have guests over, they go nuts over it.

2. Malaysian fish curry recipe with coconut milk

As described in the post, this simple Malaysian fish curry recipe is incredibly flavorful. You can serve this with a side of noodles or rice and vegetable dishes.

3. Malaysian fish curry recipe with curry leaves

This is a common ingredient in South Asian cooking, and it’s one of those things that once you put into a dish, you can’t imagine it the same way without it! This particular version uses plenty of fresh chilies that take the heat up to another level while retaining flavor.

4. Malaysian fish curry recipe with brinjal

This simple and delicious Malaysian fish curry recipe uses the unique flavor of brinjal, a locally grown squash that looks like a green pumpkin with dark purple flesh. You can also substitute better-than-bought brinjal with butternut squash found in many Asian grocery stores.

5. Malaysian fish curry recipe in coconut milk

If you are a fan of peanut sauce, you will love this highly addictive Malaysian fish curry recipe! 

6.  Malaysian fish curry recipe with coconut milk and pandan leaves

This Malaysian fish curry recipe is loaded with fragrant pandan leaves, which are hard to describe. They have an anise-like flavor and aroma that are very recognizable. When used in a dish, they change the taste of the food to almost something completely different.

7. Malaysian fish curry recipe with coconut milk and red chiles

This is a classic version of the dish with a reasonably hot amount of chile heat. The other ingredients are very easy to find, but the Pandan leaves can be hard to find in some places.

8. Malaysian fish curry recipe with red dates

This is one of the most basic versions of Malaysian fish curry that you’ll find. Since this recipe is so simple, it can be altered to fit what you have on hand and what mood you are in.

What Is Different About Malaysian Curry?

There are two main styles of Malaysian curries, green and red. The green is characterized by a very mild frying process and uses almost exclusively fresh vegetables in its various preparations. However, the red Malaysian curry is a more complex recipe that involves much more than just frying up ingredients. You can make your red curry paste by mixing ground chilis with coconut milk or water.

What Is Malay Curry Called?

On the contrary, Malaysians usually call Malaysian fish curry Mee Goreng. This is the same name as the recipe that originated in Malaysia. Another version of this cooking method in Indonesia and Singapore is known as “Kari.”


Malaysian fish curry recipe is a traditional dish that you can serve over jasmine rice, basmati rice, and even egg noodles. You can also serve this with your favorite Indian flatbread or naan for some extra flavor! This recipe is so simple that anyone at home can cook it.

If you have time and ingredients, try this recipe for Malaysian fish curry, and let me know what you think of it. Enjoy!

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