Longhorn Margarita Recipe: Top 14 Perfect Nutrition Facts

Longhorn Margarita Recipe will show you the best way to make this refreshing drink with many variations.

Longhorn Margarita Recipe
Longhorn Margarita Recipe

The ingredients are easy to find, and the time required to make a recipe is not much more than ten minutes.

How to make Longhorn Margarita Recipe


  • 3oz Tequila
  • 1oz Fresh lime juice
  • 2oz Triple sec
  • 1/4 oz Sugar syrup
  • Lime wedges, for garnish


1. Mix the ingredients in a shaker half-filled with ice.

2. Shake well and pour over ice cubes in a glass.

3. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve chilled. Enjoy!

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Longhorn Margarita Recipe

Longhorn margarita is a refreshing drink that is easy to make with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Suppose you don’t have fresh lemons to squeeze; use a fresh lime instead. The yield for this recipe is 1 serving.

Nutrition facts of Longhorn Margarita Recipe

Total fat0g
Saturated fat0.4g
Total carbohydrate33.5g
Dietary fiber0.1g  
Vitamin A6.8%  
Vitamin C10.2%

The health benefits of Longhorn Margarita Recipe

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), limes can be used for various health benefits. Here are some that you should take note of.

1. Treat heartburn:

Heartburn is the most common problem caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). It causes a burning sensation in the chest and throat, especially after eating or drinking certain foods or beverages.

You can dispel this pain by juicing fresh limes and drinking them in small amounts until you feel better. When you take limes juice, it dilates blood vessels by thickening the blood.

This improves blood flow and acts as a lubricant. It also aids in the process of breaking down certain foods and hence relieving heartburn after eating certain foods.

2. Treat acid reflux:

Have you suffered from acid reflux? Well, this is because you are not your stomach’s friend. The acid that flows in your gut can damage your throat and lead to acid reflux (heartburn). For this reason, it is essential to keep your stomach pH level balanced.

You can drink limes juice mixed with honey and take some honey mixed in water to achieve this. Make sure that the ratio of love to lime juice is 1:1.

3. Aid digestion:

The stomach acids must break down into acidophilus bacteria that help lower your stomach pH level during the digestive process. Fresh limes contain enzymes that aid in digestion.

4. Boost immunity:

A study carried out at the University of Hiroshima, Japan, showed that people suffering from a disease called atopic dermatitis found relief by adding lime juice to their diet. It is also said that having one glass of lime juice a day can increase your immune system.

The presence of vitamin C in limes aids in boosting your immunity by preventing infection and lowering the chances of getting sick.

5. Promote healthy hair and skin:

Vitamin C is also known as an antioxidant that helps slow the aging process of cells, including those in your skin. It makes your skin glow by keeping it smooth and shiny.

The best way to take advantage of this vitamin is through fresh limes or lime juice. This vitamin, however, can damage your liver if taken in excess (greater than 2g a day).

6. Cure dandruff:

If you have dandruff, you can apply limes juice and leave it on for 15 minutes. After that, rinse it off with shampoo and wash your hair as usual.

On a separate note, there are other ways to cure this problem, and they include using herbal remedies such as making a paste of lime leaves or applying coconut oil on your hair while taking a hot shower.

7. Prevent tooth decay:

Limes contain anti-microbial compounds that are strong enough to fight tooth decay. It helps reduce the number of bacteria that can cause tooth decay and prevent your teeth from getting damaged. It is best to avoid storing toothpicks in limes.

8. Strengthen gums:

With a high mineral content, limes help strengthen your gums and make them healthy. It is also said that drinking lime juice after brushing your teeth will help whiten them.

Can I freeze It?

Yes, you can freeze margaritas and use them later. Just make sure that you pour it into an airtight container and leave about one inch of space at the top for liquid to expand as it freezes.

What is a skinny margarita?

Skinny margaritas are the new trend in the world of cocktails and drinks. These drinks have almost zero calories, fat, carbs, and dietary sugar.

It is straightforward to make these cocktails as you can use any light ingredients like low-fat yogurt, skimmed milk, etc.

Can we garnish it with a lemon/lime wedge?

Yes, you can garnish these drinks with lime or lemon wedges. However, it would help if you always put the wedge on the rim of a glass before pouring any ingredients into it. This is to prevent drinks from dripping onto the wood or table surface.

Can I use fresh lime juice in the recipe?

Yes, you can make this recipe using fresh lime juice. Squeeze about two limes and strain them through a sieve to concentrate the juice.

What to drink it with?

This should go without saying, right? You can drink it with Mexican food or sit back and relax.


1. Don’t store outside the refrigerator. Place the container in a FREEZER (slightly opened) to prevent green mold from forming on the limes.

2. Do not add ice cubes when making cocktails that contain fruit juices as they may melt faster than usual; use instead of your favorite rocks glass or chilled glass (as soon as you mix them).

The Bottom Line

The Longhorn Margarita Recipe is now ready, and it is the best companion for all your get-togethers. It has a citrus flavor that you will enjoy, and you can experiment on your own to make it tastier.

Please share with us your Longhorn Margarita Recipe by leaving your comments below. Also, if you want more drink recipes, try my Apple Martini Recipe or my Elegant Gin Martini Recipe.

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