Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe: Easy 6 Freezing Ideas

Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe is a classic dish made by combining soy sauce, brown sugar, and tomato paste in a pot and cooking for about five minutes.

Then next, you need to add Knorr curry powder. Once mixed, you can add the Knorr rice kernels and water to give it that extra flavor.

How to make Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe


  • 2 cans of tomato paste
  • 1 cup soy sauce
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 4 packages of Knorr Curry Powder
  • 4 packages of Knorr Rice Seasoning (rice kernels)


Step 1: Mix all the ingredients in a medium-sized pot and cook for five minutes. Stir frequently to prevent burns. Do not add water yet.

Step 2: Once it’s finished, add the Knorr rice kernels and stir again until the rice kernels are coated with the mixture.

Step 3: Add water to the pot until it reaches the desired consistency.

Step 4: Serve and enjoy!

How to prepare time?

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Servings: 6 to 8

Cooking Time: 5 minutes

Nutrition Facts of Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe

  • Calories: 109
  • Fat: 3
  • Total Fat: 0.3g
  • Saturated Fat: 0.1g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 1575mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 28.3g
  • Dietary Fiber: 2.9g

Health Benefits of Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe

Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe is full of flavor but very little in calories and fat. It’s a good base for chicken or fish.

Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe
Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe

For example, you could add some salmon to this sauce recipe for a quick and tasty meal. Not to mention the benefits of coconut oil.

The unsaturated fat in coconut oil can help you lower your cholesterol level and increase your metabolism, which means you will burn fat faster.

Easy 6 Freezing Ideas for Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe

1. Make it one day ahead of time and freeze it in a Ziploc freezer bag.

2. Freeze it in ice cube trays and use it when you need a quick and easy sauce for your favorite meals.

3. Pour the sauce into small plastic bags to store in the freezer for future use.

4. Mix in some cooked chicken, beef, or pork and freeze for later use as a casserole or stir-fry dish.

5. Pour hot sauce into muffin tins and freeze for 10 minutes. Use as ice cream scoops to serve any leftovers.

6. Mix in cooked rice or pasta, add a few shrimp, chicken, or beef and freeze for an easy Asian stir-fry dish for another day.

Is Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe Healthy?

In a word, yes. This is a great recipe for any weight loss diet! It’s not high in fat and calories, making it a healthy choice for any weight loss plan.

So, this is a fun and easy recipe to make whether you are on the Atkins, South Beach diet plan, or Weight Watchers program.

Is Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe Gluten-Free?

Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe
Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe

Not entirely, but you can easily eliminate gluten from your diet by using cornstarch or a gluten-free flour mix.

What are the Ingredients of the Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe?

Knorr Curry Sauce Recipe contains MSG. Many people have an adverse reaction to MSG. If you have a sensitivity to it, please consult your doctor before using this product.

Easy chicken curry recipe

If you are a curry fan, check out our new and easy Curry Chicken recipe. The ingredients include Knorr chicken cubes and curry powder in one pot.

Next, add the chicken broth, and after that, add the chicken. You can add veggies of your choice or serve this with rice or potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste and cook until done.

Recipe for Hawaiian Chicken Curry

This recipe is made by mixing chicken stock, coconut milk, and Knorr curries powder in a medium-sized pot over high heat until it boils.

Once it’s finished cooking, add the diced chicken and stir until it’s thoroughly mixed with the sauce. Then, add the pineapple chunks and serve.

Recipe for Spanish Chicken Curry

This recipe is made with the same ingredients as the Hawaiian Curry recipe, except you will add 1 lime to juice and mix with Knorr curry powder.

Then, add in the diced chicken, onions, and tomato chunks. Cook over medium heat until it’s done, and serve.


Apart from the healthy benefits of coconut oil and Knorr curry powder, there are a lot of other recipes you can use this recipe for. You can add in any veggies your family loves or use it to make chicken curry.

This curry is full of flavor without being too hot and spicy. The hot ingredients in this dish will not be too strong for most people, making this an easy dish to enjoy.


What can you mix with curry paste?

Curry paste can be mixed with plain yogurt or coconut milk or add it to meatballs for a Thai-style meatball recipe.

How much curry power do I need?

The amount of curry powder you will need will depend on the food you make. For example, you would need more for a large pot of soup than for a small dish. The same goes for rice or pasta dishes. The larger amount needed depends on how much food you cook at one time.

Is Knorr curry sauce high in sodium?

No. It’s very low in sodium. It’s a great choice for people with high blood pressure and heart issues. High sodium can cause organ damage, so it’s important to keep your foods as natural as possible.

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