Hokkaido White Curry Recipe: 5  Healthy benefits

Hokkaido White Curry Recipe Is a delicious and popular dish in Japan. This Hokkaido White Curry Recipe recipe is made with chicken, mayo, salt and pepper, eggs, garlic, and masago.

The ingredients are mixed in a pan until blended into a smooth white curry. If you aren’t that pessimistic about cooking, this recipe will be fun to make!

Hokkaido White Curry Recipe
Hokkaido White Curry Recipe

What Is Hokkaido White Curry Recipe?

The history of curry came from India. After Japan started to import ingredients from other parts of the world, the Japanese began to make curry by using various ingredients such as beef, pork, chicken, and fish. This is a very popular dish in Japan!

Even though it is thought that Japanese curry originated from India, it is not true because the first curry was born in England to fulfill the needs of British sailors who needed foods that were hot and delicious when they went on long voyages.

The curry of India and the curry of Japan are made with different ingredients. However, these two curries are both delicious!

The curry ingredient was brought to Japan’s main island through the Dutch and British Trading Companies in the middle of the 18th century. Soon after, it is used as a common food in Japan. It has a mild taste but is very tasty.

How To make Hokkaido White Curry Recipe?

Prepare Time: 10 minutes

Boil Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes Operation Instructions Measure ingredients and prepare the curry.


  • Chicken breast: 1 piece
  • Oil: 2 tablespoons
  • Onion: 2 pieces
  • Salt and pepper: Dash each
  • Garlic: 4 cloves (finely chopped)


Step 1. Cut chicken breast into bite-sized pieces and fry in a frying pan with oil. Add salt, pepper, and garlic, and cook until the chicken is cooked (about 5 minutes). After that, set it aside on a plate.

Step 2. Put the oil in the frying pan and heat it. Add onion and fry until crisping is brown.

Step 3. Drain the fried onion with a strainer, and put rice vinegar powder into the hot oil so that it doesn’t burn. Using paper towels, wipe off excess oil collected on the bottom of the pan (for a pot will give off smoke).

Step 4. Put the fried onion, salt and pepper, mayonnaise, and curry powder in a pot and stir it for about 3 minutes on medium heat.

Step 5. Add the cooked chicken breast and mix it with curry. Make sure that the curry is mixed well with chicken so that it doesn’t burn when heated up

Step 6. Crack 3 eggs into the frying pan and stir them gently so that they don’t turn yellow (about 2 minutes)

Step 7. Add the egg to the curry and mix gently.

Step 8. Add the miso soup base (1 teaspoon) and mix with a spoon or spatula.

Step 9. Heat up until it simmers on low heat (about 1 minute).

Step 10. Enjoy it with rice! (10 minutes)


1. If you have time, cut and marinate chicken breast for 20 minutes before cooking it to be easier to cook, and the taste will be better.

2. You can use any curry powder, such as chicken curry, beef curry, or vegetable curry.

3. It is ok if the curry is a bit lumpy.

4. Always use miso soup base while making curry so that it can be eaten with rice.

5. If you don’t like normal white curries, you may put thinly sliced pork in this Hokkaido White Curry Recipe! And also, add minced garlic to this recipe as well. And you can use mayonnaise as a substitute for miso soup base too!

5  Healthy benefits of Hokkaido White Curry Recipe

1. The eggs in this recipe are rich in protein, which helps strengthen the immune system and is famously known as building the “body’s iron wall.”

2. Garlic, which is one of the main ingredients of this dish, is rich in various vitamins and minerals, especially selenium and sulfur compounds that are very useful for our body.

3. This dish contains onion powder as one of its main ingredients. Onions can help prevent bloating and diarrhea and also reduce blood pressure.

4. Those on a diet should eat this dish because the amount of fat and saturated fat in it is lower than in normal white curries. (It contains mainly unsaturated)

5. You can serve this dish at any time of the day. You can also serve it with some rice (about 10 minutes) to change the taste and make it more delicious.


1. This is my recipe. Please take out the hard work from me and enjoy it by yourself!

2. In Japan, Hokkaido white curry is popularly called “Hokkaido hot curry.” It is called so because of the high temperature (about 100 degrees Celsius) at which it is cooked.

3. The name of this recipe, “Hokkaido White Curry,” comes from Hokkaido (North of Japan). The people living in Hokkaido are the most sophisticated Japanese, and they love curry!

4. If you want to increase the fat content, you may use butter instead of mayonnaise.


Please give it to your friends and family if you like this recipe! The Japanese people love curry and are so fond of it that they would even eat barbecued beef curry for breakfast!

They also cook their chicken with many different spices, so if you want to try a different flavor of curry, this is a good recipe for you.

As much as I enjoy eating curry (I’m not an exception!), I do find some dishes in Japan very difficult to eat.

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