Chick O Stick Recipe: Amazing 6 Freezing Ideas

Chick O Stick Recipe is the easiest, delicious and fun recipe that you will ever find. This is a perfect recipe for those who love to cook and bake delicious desserts and easy snacks.

This recipe has been specially designed for those passionate about making homemade delights.

How to make Chick O Stick Recipe


  • 2 eggs,
  • 2 pcs. of cooked frozen breadsticks,
  • 1/2 cup of low-fat buttermilk,
  • 1/4 cup of honey and
  • 1 tbs. of cinnamon


1. Separate the cold eggs in a bowl by placing a kitchen towel on the top and bottom to not break. After that, put low-fat buttermilk and mix well.

2. Then add chopped breadsticks, honey, and cinnamon mixture into the egg mixture. Pour this mixture into a greased pan or ice cream maker. Freeze for about 2-3 hours and enjoy the taste.

3. You can also use one of these kitchen appliances to make this Chick O Stick Recipe.

Chick O Stick Recipe
Chick O Stick Recipe

4. Using any kitchen mentioned above appliances, you can easily prepare this recipe in easy steps and have a memorable serving.

5. When it is ready, add it to the plate with cinnamon sprinkles on top for garnishing and serve it to your guests or family members on special occasions or festive seasons.

Nutrition facts of Chick O Stick Recipe

Total fat2 g
Saturated fat1 g
Cholesterol9 mg
Sodium110 mg
Carbohydrates16 g
Dietary Fiber3 g
Protein5 g

The health benefits of Chick O Stick Recipe

1. There are a lot of benefits to making this recipe. For example, it helps in good health, improved digestion, and many other benefits.

2. Apart from this, it also solves your high cholesterol problem. It also has a high amount of calcium and magnesium, which is essential for maintaining good health.

3. Therefore, this recipe can repair damaged muscles and reduce stress due to a healthy lifestyle.

4. It also provides energy that helps in maintaining a healthy body. Therefore, this recipe is very beneficial for all your family members.

5. This recipe also lowers your blood pressure and helps you control cholesterol levels.

And most importantly, this recipe can boost your immunity power and improve your overall health, which leads to sound health. Therefore, try this dish and make a change in your lifestyle.

Amazing 6 Freezing Ideas

1. You can easily make a container of it according to your need, and later you can use it when needed.

2. Therefore, this recipe is very beneficial for all your family members.

3. It also helps you maintain a healthy body, which is essential in life.

4. It is straightforward and handy to prepare this recipe on any day or night whenever you feel hungry, so try it out now! You will surely love its taste, flavor, and health benefits as well.

5. Therefore, this is the time to check out this recipe, change your lifestyle, and have sound health.

6. Also, take care of your diet while cooking this recipe because it makes a difference in your overall health. Chick O Stick Recipe is the easiest, delicious and fun recipe that you will ever find.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can find this recipe in shops where you can buy books and download it, but usually, we don’t see it anywhere because it’s a new recipe.

So, if you still want to prepare this recipe by using any of the kitchen mentioned above appliances, do it at your home and enjoy its taste.

Can I Freeze It?

Yes, you can freeze this recipe very quickly and freeze it in any of your freezers in which you want to make this recipe. When you want to serve this dish, defreeze the plate.

How Can I Order More?

You can order this recipe from its official website. The price of this dish is not tiny, so you have to call them on the official website.


Overall, the recipe for Chick O Stick is perfect for all occasions and can be easily made within a short amount of time.

The easy preparation will add to your cooking whenever you want to eat something delicious and yummy.

So this particular recipe is all set to take your taste buds on another level. After reading this, go ahead and get yourself a bottle of this fantastic sauce by clicking the link given above.

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