Cake Batter Extract Recipe: Perfect 7 Nutrition Facts

Do you think baked goods aren’t the same without a heavy dose of that distinct Cake Batter Extract Recipe? We’ve got your back.

With this simple, three-ingredient recipe for homemade Cake Batter Extract, you can pump up the intensity of any cake you bake with a dollop or two of this amazing extract.

How to make


  • 1 lb.  sugar
  • 1 1/2 oz.  vanilla extract
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons  liquid food coloring (optional)


1. In a heavy-bottomed saucepan, combine the sugar and vanilla extract over medium-high heat. Stir constantly until the sugar has completely dissolved.

2. Remove the mixture from the heat, and let cool for approximately 15 minutes.

3. Add the liquid food coloring (if using), stirring until completely incorporated.

4. Quickly use a funnel to pour into small bottles or mason jars (about 20 per batch).

5. Use a label to add a list of ingredients and directions for use.

6. Refrigerate your Cake Batter Extract Recipe until ready to use, and enjoy every bite!

7. To use, put small amounts into a baking pan, and place in a pre-heated oven on the lowest setting. Refer to your mixes instructions if you need to.

8. Once finished, remove from oven and let cool slightly before pouring out into serving dishes.

Nutrition facts

Total Fat0.5 grams
Saturated Fat0 grams
Total Carbs5 grams
Protein0 grams

Price Of Cake Batter Extract Recipe

This recipe is very easy to make and extremely inexpensive to buy.

When you buy all the ingredients for the Cake Batter Extract Recipe, it will only cost you about $3.00 per batch!

Health Benefits of Cake Batter Extract Recipe

While the taste of this extract is what makes it so popular with bakers, several other health benefits make it a favorite.

Cake Batter Extract Recipe

The cake Batter Extract Recipe is low in fat and high in carbohydrates since the sugars from the sugar used in the recipe provide extra energy to people who need it most. If you have a person in your life that is physically active, this is a great treat to include in their diet.

This recipe is also great for lactose intolerant people, as it does not contain any dairy products. This makes it a great option for adults and children alike.

Because of the sugar content of this extract Recipe, it also provides several health benefits. Sugar can help prevent tooth decay when used in moderation, making this Cake Batter Extract Recipe an ideal choice for kids and adults alike.

Can I Freeze It?

Yes. If you find yourself with too much of this Cake Batter Extract Recipe, you can freeze what is left. However,

the extract will change color slightly when frozen and thawed, so it might not be a good idea to make large batches in the first place.

Is Cake Batter Extract Recipe Healthy?

Cake Batter Extract Recipe is delicious, but it’s also healthy. It’s low in fat and high in sugar. This can make many people turn their nose up when they hear the title, but Cake Batter Extract Recipe is much better for your health than you might think.

Sugar can be a problem for some people, but Cake Batter Extract Recipe uses refined sugar, so it won’t cause you to get too many added calories.

Is Cake Batter Extract Recipe Gluten-Free?

The main ingredients in Cake Batter Extract Recipe and the sugar used to make it are gluten-free. This means that people who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease can enjoy the taste of this extract with no worries.

Side Effects of Cake Batter Extract Recipe

The cake Batter Extract Recipe contains a hefty amount of sugar, which can cause some side effects for some people. For example, many people get shaky when they eat too much sugar, but this reaction is rare.

How to store?

The Cake Batter Extract Recipe is best stored in an airtight container or jar. This will help keep the extract’s flavor intact and allow you to use it when needed easily.

This recipe is best stored at room temperature to maximize its flavor and shelf life. It can be refrigerated, but it removes some of the natural flavor that makes it great.

Can I Make a Substitute?

You can make your own substitute for Cake Batter Extract Recipe if you want to make your substitute.

Can Cake Batter Extract Recipe be used for cooking?

Yes, it can be used in various recipes that call for vanilla extract. Many people substitute the real extract with this Cake Batter Extract Recipe to add extra health benefits to their favorite treats.


Cake Batter Extract Recipe is a great tasting flavor and delicious addition to any dessert. This recipe is very easy to make and can be used in various ways.

Although it’s very easy to make it yourself, many people choose to buy it instead. This will give you the greatest amount of bang for your buck,

especially if you are baking more than one recipe at a time that requires vanilla extract. It would help if you considered saving this extract for special occasions because it has amazing flavor.

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