Blue Motorcycle Drink Recipe: 10 Amazing Nutrition Facts

The blue motorcycle drink recipe is a refreshing cocktail with a beautiful aquamarine color. It’s also known as the Magic 8-Ball Drink Recipe because when shaken, it supposedly looks like the answer you want to your question will be “yes.”

It’s made by filling up an iced tea jar with ice, pouring in three bottles of grapefruit juice, and topping it off with vodka. Please give it a vigorous shake, and then serve in glasses with ice and garnished with orange wedges.

Blue Motorcycle Drink Recipe
Blue Motorcycle Drink Recipe

To make this extra beverage special, try using Sprite or 7 Up instead of grapefruit juice for an added twist on an old favorite!

How To prepare Blue Motorcycle Drink Recipe?


  • 1/8 oz. of Peppermint Schnapps
  • 3 oz. of Blue Curacao
  • 4 oz. of Milk
  • 2 Splenda packets
  • 1/8 oz. of Triple Sec


Step 1. Add all ingredients to a blender filled with ice cubes and blend until smooth, about 45 seconds.

Step 2. Pour into a blender filled with ice cubes, and add the rest of your ingredients. Blend for about 20 seconds more to make sure everything mixes well together.

Step 3. Add this mixture to a large cup filled with ice cubes, stir, then pour into a wine glass filled with ice cubes.

Nutritional fact:

Fat0 g
Carbohydrates14 g
Sugar13 g
Fiber1 g
Protein9 g
Blue Motorcycle Drink Recipe

10 Amazing Nutrition Facts You Don’t Know:

1. Marijuana has been proven to slow HIV infection by as much as 50%!

2. Half a cup of red wine contains about the same amount of iron found in a whole 3 oz. Serving of beef liver!

3. People who eat dried dates are 44% less likely to die from heart disease!

4. Caffeine and tea have been found to protect your bones from fracture! Great for those who don’t like drinking coffee or tea and don’t want to eat chocolate (which also protects bones).

5. One serving of tomatoes contains about 35% of the Vitamin C needed for a whole day!

6. Green tea’s antioxidant level is higher than black tea, and green tea has stronger anti-cancer properties than black tea.

7. A 7 oz. Fruit salad can provide you with more than half of your Vitamin C requirement for the day while providing you some energy to go through your day!

8. The more time children spend outdoors in sunlight, the lower their risk of developing multiple sclerosis as adults!

9. Women who only eat four or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day are nearly 50% more likely to develop breast cancer than those who eat seven or more portions!

10. Consumption of beer is associated with a lower risk of death in men!

Can Kids Eat It?

Yes, this beverage is a great drink to serve kids. It’s not too sweet, and it’s easy for kids to drink, making it a great choice for their first mixed drink.

It’s also been a great drink for pregnant women, as it helps relieve nausea.

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Can I Safe to Freeze This Recipe?

Yes, this is a great drink to freeze and take out if you are going to a party and don’t want everyone to know what you are having. You can even make one batch and freeze it, then add fresh ingredients to the rest of the batches that will be frozen.

How’s That for An Ice-Cold Drink?

This drink is a beautiful ice blue color and has such good taste by itself. Adding alcohol makes it the perfect drink for any occasion!

Not only is this drink good, but it’s also healthy! It has antioxidants to help prevent cancer, and it’s also a great source of Vitamin C. This drink is good for you and your body!

Put something new on your bucket list tonight, and try out something new with Blue Motorcycle Drink Recipe! You won’t regret this choice.

Is There Any Side Effect?

This drink has no known side effects, but it’s still a good idea to consult your doctor before drinking it. The only known issue with this drink is that it’s been found that the more you drink this refreshing cocktail, the more you’ll be able to taste!

The Bottom Line

You’ll find that this drink is great for any occasion! It’s a fun drink to make, and it tastes great by itself with just the right amount of alcohol to make it a good choice for parties or social gatherings.

It’s also been found to have good health benefits, such as helping reduce the risk of cancer and having antioxidant properties. This makes it a healthy choice for anyone!

Not only is it good for you, but it’s also enjoyable.

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