Aip Curry Recipe: Best 6 Health Benefits

Aip Curry Recipe is a dish that originated in the Indian subcontinent, and it has become one of the world’s most popular meals.

In many countries worldwide, curry is served with rice or bread. Karow-Kari’s traditional Indian curry dish features meat such as mutton (lamb) or goat.

Countries worldwide have also adopted Indian food, and people have come up with variations of curry recipes.

How to make Aip Curry Recipe


  • 1 small onion, peeled, chopped
  • 1 tsp garlic paste
  • 1 green chili (hari mirch), chopped
  • 50 gm curry leaves, washed and chopped
  • 2 – 3 curry pakoras (unwashed pieces of savory fried dough) – for garnishing
  • 1 tsp oil for cooking the rice
  • Salt to taste


Step 1: Heat the oil in a pan and add the chopped onion.

Step 2: After about 3 minutes, add the garlic paste and curry leaves and fry it until the onion turns brown.

Step 3: Add green chili, curry pakora pieces, salt, and water and stir until it starts to boil.

Step 4: Lower the flame and simmer for 6 to 8 minutes once it starts boiling.

Step 5: Remove from flame and use a blender or hand blender to make it smooth.

Step 6: Bring the curry back to the flame and add the boiled rice.

Step 7: Add garam masala and serve hot.

Nutrition facts of Aip Curry Recipe

Calories619 kcal
Fat68 gm
Saturated fat4.4 gm
Cholesterol36 mgs
Sodium1096 mgs
Carbohydrates39.3 gm

Best 6 Health Benefits of Aip Curry Recipe

1. Cuts Down Cholesterol

One of the greatest benefits of this curry is that it contains many antioxidants, which help cut down cholesterol levels in the body. Curry leaves, garlic, and ginger help greatly cut down cholesterol levels.

Aip Curry Recipe
Aip Curry Recipe

2. Prevents Cancer

Curcumin- a spice found in curry powder, prevents the growth of cancer cells and helps to get rid of any cancerous cells in the body instantly.

3. Tones up Your Body

This curry contains garlic and ginger, which are highly effective in toning up your body. Ginger works similarly to exercise by giving you an extra boost of energy and burning away all the excess fats in your body.

4. Improves Digestion

This curry has many digestive enzymes that help eliminate any stomach problems like constipation and acidity.

5. Antioxidants

Curcumin, the spice found in this curry, contains antioxidants that prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals.

The best part about it is that it does not have any side effects on your body and does not have any unwanted effects on the people around you.

6. Prevents Kidney Stones

Curcumin helps prevent kidney stones by acting as a natural anti-inflammatory in your body and helps regulate the blood flow throughout your body.

Can I Freeze It?

TAip Curry Recipe can be easily stored in the fridge, and you can reheat it later to enjoy the same yummy taste of freshly cooked curry. Do so after thoroughly mixing all the ingredients in an airtight container if you want to freeze it.

How Long is It Good For?

You can store the curry for 3 days in the fridge after mixing all the ingredients. Reheat it before eating.

How Long will It Take To Prepare?

It will take about 20 minutes to make Aip Curry Recipe from scratch. This can be cut down to 12 minutes if you already have the ingredients.

How To Make More Delicious?

You can make an extra spicy version of this curry by adding more spices like red chilies, ginger, and garlic. You can also add yogurt to this recipe and use it as a dip for pakoras.

Does It Belong For Vegetarians?

Aip Curry Recipe
Aip Curry Recipe

Aip Curry Recipe is a perfect dish for vegetarians as it does not include any meat in it at all. If you are looking for options, you can replace the green chili with onion instead.

AIP curry paste

Aip Curry Recipe is a great mix of fresh vegetables, ginger, garlic, and spices. It’s a great complement to any protein source in your diet. It will enhance your life and can be taken guilt-free when you are on the strict AIP diet plan.

AIP lunch recipes

Aip Curry Recipe is a set of recipes for lunch. It is a set of lunch dishes prepared for the people who have to follow the AIP diet plan and want to enjoy a snack or lunch at work or home.

Strict AIP recipes

In this article, you will find some appropriate recipes for people on the strict AIP diet plan. In this category, I’ve included the recipes that are a part of the blog series and those that were already on my blog before the blog series.

Is It Suitable For Pregnant Women?

Aip Curry Recipe is NOT suitable for pregnant women as its main ingredient, turmeric (an herb), is reported to stimulate blood flow which may cause premature birth.

Is It Good For Diabetics?

If you follow the right diet and keep yourself fit, it is good for people with diabetes as it contains a very low amount of carbs.

Is It Suitable For Heart Patients?

Some people on the Aip Curry Recipe suffer from high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. This will not be good for everybody, but it will do you good if you are careful about your diet and exercise regularly.


Aip Curry Recipe is an effective way to get rid of allergies and break the vicious cycle of symptoms that come with it. While it does require a lot of commitment and patience, it will be worth it for you in the end.


Is curry OK AIP diet?

You can eat curry on the AIP diet, but it must be made from scratch without using any commercially available curry powders.

Is coconut milk allowed on AIP diet?

Yes, you can use coconut milk to make curries on the AIP diet. But remember not to add any commercially available pre-made curry powders.

Why is coconut allowed on AIP?

Coconut is allowed on the AIP diet as it’s a healthy food that contains heart-healthy fats, it has been shown to help regulate hormones and blood sugar, and it’s a great source of healthy fats. I would avoid eating or drinking too much coconut milk as it is still high in natural sugar.

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